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Our range of services will enable you to rent or buy our aquariums knowing that we are always there with excellent customer service.

What does maintenance include?
Clean and check equipment
Change water

Add treatment
Check fish health
Clean glass
Change filters
Leave fish food

Do you supply new tanks?
Yes, and anything that is needed with it.

When first getting started there is much to learn. You worry about selecting the right filtration system, cycling the tank, fish survival, - avoid needless stress and worry by letting us do it for you!

We can put it all together and maintain it

What does your rental package include?
Aquarium and cabinet of choice
Decor, plants and gravel of choice
Air feature and pump
Fish of choice
Regular maintainance service
Summer holiday care of fish (if needed)

Do you maintain tanks not supplied by you?
Yes, we provide a maintenance service on tanks not supplied by us.

Any stress connected with owning an aquarium is on the initial set-up. The chemistry of the water must be balanced and the temperature regulated. The process can be complex so we can come to the house and set up the tank and even maintain it if you wish.

Contact us to find out more

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