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Special Offers
In addition to selling & renting aquariums we also offer a maintenance service. So if your fish tank could use a revamp or even regular upkeep, we can provide the works.

Clean & Crystal Clear
From £35.00

*Water change, add treatments

*Fish health check-up

*New wool filter pads included

*Clean and check equipment

*Fish food




The Regular
From £25.00

*Water testing

*Glass clean

*Health check

Different View
£60 – £80

Let us transport your fish & aquarium to your new residence to avoid any stress or shipwrecks!
The Introduction
£40- £90.00 per month

*Delivery and set up

*Aquarium and cabinet

*Filter system and heater

*Light and light timer

*Choice of tropical or cold water fish

*Choice of ornaments, stones and corals

*Monthly maintenance – health check-up

Contact us to find out more...
or call: 077 4514 4817

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