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All tanks are available to rent or to buy and with our fully managed service.


Hagen Fluval Reef One
We display & stock a range of BiOrb Aquariums & Terrariums. These web sites cover all you need to know about these stunning tanks. and
To view their dramatic & innovative accessories & ornaments, follow the "BiOrb recipes" & design a personal centrepiece for your aquarium.

Everything is priced on their website but we have an extensive collection at our shop if you prefer to view the pieces first.

Profile Black

Available 850lt, 1000lt & 1200lt.

Profile Silver

Available in 850lt, 1000lt & 1200lt.


Juwel Range - Juwel Black Lido, Rio, Vision, & Trigon Tanks, Stands & Cabinets.

The Range has exceptional build quality and technical excellence designed and like all Juwel models, comes READY TO USE, with lighting, heating, pump and filtration included in the cleverly designed (and hidden) corners housing, which enhances the look of your aquarium and makes maintenance simple.

Lido 120

Approx 120 Litres. 61x41x58cm

Also available in 200lt. Finished in Black, Beech, Dark wood & white.

Trigon Corner Approx 190 Litres. 99x70x60cm

Trigon 350

Approx 350 Litres 123x87x65cm

In Black, Beech & Dark Wood.

Juwel Rio 125 Approx 125 Litres


In Black, Beech, Dark wood & white.

Juwel Rio 180

Approx 180 Litres


In Black, Beech, Dark wood & white

Juwel Rio 240

Approx 240 Litres 121x41x55cm

In Black, Beech, &

Dark Wood

Juwel Rio 300

Approx 350 Litres


In Black, Beech, &

Dark Wood

Juwel Vision 180

Curved front glass

Approx 180 Litres


In Black, Beech, &

Dark Wood

Juwel Vision 260

Approx 260 Litres 121x46x62cm

In Black, Beech, &

Dark Wood

Juwel Vision 450

Approx 450 Litres


In Black, Beech, &

Dark Wood

Ornament Range
Cobbled Chimney
Grecian Ruin
Large Galleon
Rest in Peace
Rocky Rope Bridge
Roman Maidens
Temple Maidens
Titanic Table
Wreckage on Rocks
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